Quick Update

It’s my last night in Firebug (sort of). I spent it cleaning out the fridge. My pervious “just don’t look at it!” approach was validated, when I found live maggots! I’ve never seen that in a fridge before! I also had my last exam today. It was an oral exam to make up for some practical lab assignments (these must be done during specific time) I missed due to illness, in my Quantitative Methods class. I got to pick the topics. For one, I chose Hodgkin and Huxley’s (H&H) 1952 model, which is the basis for our understanding of action potentials (how neurons communicate). I’ve now studied H&H in cell biology, physiology, and mathematics classes. For the second topic I chose Fourier transformations, which are important in fMRI (images of brain activity dynamics). Since they’re important for fMRI and I mostly work in labs that use fMRI, I decided to use the oral exam as an opportunity to focus on them. We’ll see how it went.

I will write my next update from Santa Barbara. Then??? Still uncertain, but likely plans include a short Atlanta/Charlotte stop and some European travel, before starting my thesis internship. I lived in Atlanta in 2012/13. There are people I miss there and stuff I should probably pick up and other stuff I should probably return. Also one of my Atlanta friends keeps posting adorable baby pictures. They’re too cute to resist. Then one of my college friends just moved to North Carolina, with her fiancé, who I’m excited to meet and approve (?) Apparently he’s gotten a lot of approval from our college friends and since we all tend to have the same “makes her happy” standard, I expect I will also approve.

The one definite trip on my agenda, after Santa Barbara, will be back to Freiburg to ship stuff to wherever I have my thesis internship. Next I’d like to do some travel in Switzerland or Germany. A friend, living in Lausanne, and I talked about Bern. My mother also recommend Montreux. There is also a bus that hits all the major castle cities in Germany.

I will start my masters thesis internship in late September or October. I’m considering two favorite labs now and I don’t want to say more, until I’m confirmed with one. My work in this lab will be most of what I do in my second and final year here and impact the course of my career in various ways. I want to take the time to make the right choice.

All indefinite travel plans hinge on my thesis internship start date, scheduling the GRE, and ideally a driving test date. Yes I am 26 years old and I have never had a driver’s license. I was always had a maxed out schedule during the school year, in high school and then I was always away during the summers. I tried to take it when I just got back from college and practice the summer before college, but I’ve never had time to practice and time to take it all at once. Four weeks should be enough, right?

That’s all for now! I’ll be busy, but I’ll keep in touch.


2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hi !
    Keep us in touch about your M2 internship place and your general state of mind (and health) 🙂
    I miss you dear ! We should have a tea party one day 😉


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