On Campus…


So wandering around campus, after a paperwork meeting, in the campus lab, I saw one of my favorite things: something completely unexpected and random. Let’s investigate! Aside: I think this works best if you imagine the pink panther theme in the background or whatever your favorite “sneaking” song is. Pink panther is what I imagined, as I took these pictures.

The “foot” prints and the “statues” (I’m not sure how much of the text the Facebook preview has) appear together in two frames. One is pretty easy to spot and then the other is just a bit harder.

Oh and see those shoes in the first picture? Those have been my one pair of shoes in Italy, since I put my stuff in storage in October! If you have to have one pair of shoes, at least for colder areas, I recommend lightly lined rain boots. Though, I am definitely, looking forward to getting my stuff from storage this week!

Ok I think we’re out of Facebook preview range. Serious question: do dinosaurs have feet or talons?

Also, checkout this great TED talk from Jack Horner on dinosaur identification practices. It’s a good cautionary tale about letting one’s ego get in the way of good science. Like me, Horner has dyslexia. I don’t know how severe his is, compared to mine (just because one person with dyslexia can/ can’t do something, doesn’t mean everyone with dyslexia can/ can’t; it’s a very diverse disorder).

Speaking of dinosaur identification, I know the carnivore is a representation of an Alloosaurus. I forget what the other one is. I thought about taking a picture of the information plaques, but I was pretty sure I’d remember (famous last thoughts!) I’m going back to campus tomorrow. I’ll check it out again and get back to you next week. If you know, feel free to tell us!

The next post is going to be a personal story about a woman who had a major influence on me. Then it’s back to more neuroscience and travel, as I talk about how I ended up in Rome.


3 thoughts on “On Campus…

  1. Love this post 😉 Fresh and funny, a “biological” slice of life. Reminds me when I discovered that our Developmental Biology classes in Freiburg were given in the local nature science museum. Never noticed that vultures (even stuffed) were that big. Now I know.

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