Traveling Neuroscientist

When naming this blog I thought of traveling salesmen. The image I had was someone who picks up different things to “sell” and goes where they can sell them. In science theoretically we are “selling” ideas. Twice I had left communities I had become attached to, because I understood I needed to go where there were people working on the same ideas that I wanted to work on.

Now I am packing up and getting ready to leave for Santa Barbara, I started to wonder if I regretted going to Rome. The fact that Rome was 35°C + throughout all of my last weeks there did not help. One night I went out walking and I found a fruit stand. With sliced fruit and fruit salad lined up on trays of ice, colorful flags, and techno music playing. It remedied me of a place I heard about on Georgia Traveler, a travel show I used watch when I lived in Atlanta. It was founded by someone from south Texas, who saw that the fruit stands she was used to seeing at home were missing.


Fruit Stand in Milan
Fruit Stand in Milan

The people running the Rome fruit stand looked to be from North Africa. For a euro I was able to get a quarter of a watermelon. It was cut longways and I needed both hands to hold on to it. I sat in some plastic chairs, with some other tourists, with ice cold watermelon juice dripping off my elbows. Life was good.  It’s these moments that make travel great. As I’ve started to live as a traveler, I’ve learned to take them for what they are and try to appreciate them where they are.

Continuing the Blog:

I thought about stopping the blog, now that I’m at home. However, I started the blog primarily to keep in touch with people I met while “traveling” to Atlanta. Now, I have new people I want to keep in touch with in Europe, as well as my Atlanta friends. So Traveling Neuroscientist will continue, for the time being.


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