Resources: I started making this list for a friend who was applying for JMN, then I just kept using it when I needed to go back and find something. So I’ve kept adding things.

Joint Master in Neuroscience Program

Health and Emergencies

Studying in France

Living and Moving in Italy

  • Salvator Mundi International Hospital (Private hospital, expensive, by european standards, but takes US insurance and speaks English, which is good if you’re dealing with a complex medical issue).
  • Internship Visa information (If you want to do an unpaid internship, are not an EU citizen, and are not registered at an Italian university, the Rome immigration office will not help you, neither will the Paris consulate, if you happen to be attending a school in France. To get the information you will need to drive down to the LA Italian consulate. Here I have scanned the information they gave me. It only exists as a hard copy and only because one woman in the LA consulate took the time to make hard copies, noting that it was removed from the website. It is accurate as of January 2015.)
  • Tesi24 (24 hour thesis printing online. Good if you’re worried about language issues when printing your thesis. Delivery logistics tricky.)
  • BoxOK (Reasonably Priced storage, great costumer service,  in English -because when you have to move out of you’re apartment in less than a week, it may not be the best time to practice your language skills!)
  • Accessible Rome (Rome guide for wheelchair users. I’m not sure how helpful it is.)
  • Moving to Italy (List of Resources)
  • Unitarians in Italy (joint effort between Unitarian Christians and Unitarian Universalists active online group, services online)

Expat Communities and Information

Language Learning

  • Duolingo (comprehensive language learning website, with well structured lessons)
  • Comme une Francise (Language and cultural information. I found their cultural information helpful, but the language lessons were less helpful. I think they might be useful if you are more advanced and want to refine your grammer).


Graduate School and Academic Careers

Neuroscience and Cognition

Prejudice, Bias, and Social Justice

Travel in Europe

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